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shortly after receiving at redskins park. and zorn took time to meet with a few assistant coaches. and then left the park for good. at about a quarter to five this morning, bruce allen, then held the press conference at 12:30 in the afternoon. and to confirm zorn's firing. and to announce the search for his replacement. but of course, we would learn there shortly after, that the search was actually done. at about 3:30 p.m., dan's plane, carrying two-time super bowl champion coach, touching down at dallas airport. and the two are spending this evening together with other red skáeupb executives. and an introduction for shanahan as the new redskins head coach is expected sometime tomorrow. when bruce allen took over this team, he admitted to us that he had very little patients which is just why hours after the season ended, he got busy overhauling this team. and sure, while jim zorn was the first casualty of the allen era, players know that there are plenty of change still on the way. when you are 4-12, you can't deny that you need it.
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>> we have to build the foundation. and we have to build that to get the right discipline in place. and in order for players to succeed. and that's why the status quo has to end. >> we have to change the way that we have been doing some business. >> it's a different issue. not just for that, but several issues. you know, that we definitely need to, you know, be corrected. it's safe to say that we meet a guy that has done it before. and to know that they knew the big game. >> and zorn, he did not speak publicly today. but sent that e-mail to 9news now to peggy fox. saying they have so many calls. trying one interview with many reporters. it would be more efficient for them due to the fact that they needed to make a statement in trying to work on it to take care of jim z. of course, bruce allen when he told him the news, he was disappointed but professional. >> yeah, i expect to sit down with jim z tomorrow and we'll have that interview up for you. meanwhile, coming up at 11 tonight, more on the incoming
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redskins coach, mike shanahan, and why he would walk away from $14 million that was due to him from the denver broncos to take it had job in dc -- to take this job in dc. i'm brett haber, sarah walsh. live at redskins nation. >> a lot of money. we want to know why. we appreciate that. in the meantime, the team wasted no time packing up and moving zorn's stuff out of the redskins park. late this afternoon, a moving van showed up at zorn's house. the workers took about an hour, hauling out the boxes. >> it's pretty sad. you know, all along, i always thought that coach zorn should not be held accountable. he did his best. and you know, they accepted all the people and to, you know, perform. and what they are paid to do. and will what did you think about carrying all the stuff back? >> it seems heavy. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, zorn told our own peggy fox, he and the fox are doing pretty well. his wife credits the husband's
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level headedness and a strong belief from god. we also hit the streets today to hear what the fans have to say about the changes with their team. >> and he's a nice guy. don't need many harm. but get the job done. >> we take them over the coaches. you need to worry them for a while. >> you have to let things mold. and to gel at all. you can't just put that on the fantasy football team. >> and i would like to see pete campbell. and because, he's the young quarterback. >> and they need somebody to really do that. >> well, we have heard from all season long about the redskins. stkp-rz now, the question is, do you think that the team is finally on the right track to success? or is there something higher up that the head coach needs to change? share your thoughts at and also tonight in our only local news at 7:00, powerless security. check points, flights, coming to a halt after the power goes out. and icy crash. rescuers speak out about efforts to save a man after his car
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landed in rock creek. and uninvited guests. the secret service, they reveal a third crasher at last month's notorious state dinner. i'm bruce leshan in washington. where there are new signs tonight, of holes in the security bubble that is suppose to protect president obama. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> reporter: the secret service just admitted that a third uninvited guest found their way into the white house state dinner. the secret service said that they have yet unnamed that name and befriended members of the indian delegation at the william hotel invited to the state dinner by one of them. and they were actually driven to the white house for them in a state department van. >> and apparently, there was a group for them that was under our responsibility. and they went from the local hotel to the white house. and a person that is not authorized to be in that group there. and to show that for themselves in that group. >> this individual could have been, you know, an assassin.
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he could have been wanted for murder. he could have been involved with terror. that's the reason why you do the background check and they didn't know the background check. >> i'm armando at beach creek. where police, they are trying to determine how a young man died in the icy waters of rock creek. >> the dc medical examiner, they have been ruled on the cause and manner of josh coleman's death. they were found inside the car on sunday morning. and after dc rescue divers got inside the partially frozen vehicle lying on the troop and into six feet of water. to revive the young man were unsuccessful. >> they were not trapped. in other words, the meadow of the other car, they did not entrap them in the car. when all rescuers, they were able to break the window out to force the door. they were able to easily get in and get that victim and to get them out. >> reporter: they don't know how, why, or when josh and his car did that up in rock creek. >> the traffic for them on the construction through their
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investigation. and there are things that they will look at. as far as making good marks. the distance that the car travels and the crush is on the car. and that is typical for all crashes that we investigate to hold them through the injuries and the brutality. >> reporter: and i'm audrey barnes, at reagan international airport still recovering from an hour long power outage. the problem at an electrical substation shutting down down, and some flights, they were held at the gates. at least eight others experienced delays. virginia's dominion came over to help us locate the area that was causing a problem. and we have worked around that substation for them to switch that failed. we're going to be investigating to see what happened to cause that. >> reporter: many passengers were stuck at long lines and anxious to find out as they made their flights. >> i'm going home to miami. >> so you want to make that play? >> right, definitely. >> nice and warm down there. it's really cold up here.
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>> reporter: right now, a new rule that is going into affect here today for the flights and the united states. in 14 countries like pakistan. and passengers, they are now subjected to the full patdowns, the body scans, and hand checks of their luggage. all in reaction to that attempted terror attack on christmas day when the man tried to blow up the plane when it landed in detroit with the explosive chemicals that they have hidden in the underwear. >> and they put that full body sáerpbl. they went through the meadow detectors. and the security, that seemed to be, well, more than what they needed to do. and more than i'm used to. >> and in those 14 countries being asked to check the security, other security risks by the united states because of the potential ties to terrorists. a federal appeals court in virginia is rejecting all of them and their appeal. the only person to stand trial in the september 11 attacks, claiming he was denying for the potentially helpful evidence. serving a life sentence for helping to plan the terror attacks. for the second day in a row, the u.s. embassy is closed in
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yemen. crashes just north of the many capitols for them that have now prompted those concerns. and today, the secretary state for them to seat recipe to pose for them. and the country and officials, they are not giving out more details for them on that attack or even the branch of services involved. and these are the first american combat deaths of the year in afghanistan. and now, let's get to the local evening rush. in the 9news now traffic center. >> hey there, derek. the first monday evening commute of the year. and let's take a look at 395, proving to be a difficult spot for drivers tonight. stkp-rz to separate accidents for them that we have seen in the seminaries. and to do both justice clear as you can see behind me, delays that fell back up to washington boulevard at this point as they head down to 95. no accidents there.
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but we do have a disabled vehicle blocking the center lane. and let's go to our next live shot here. an accident on the outer loop here. still blocking the left lane here. and that is an hour loop for them at georgetown pike where we are still seeing delays. going out there in maryland and all that american legion on the american loop for them on the dallas toll road. and 15 to 20-minute ride there. finally on 270 in maryland and we're still seeing the significant delays here. all the way from falls road to german town. and after that, it's a smooth ride out there. just watch out for the heavy winds. and also on 50 on the bay bridge. >> derek, we'll send it back to you. >> if you went outside today. you either know that you're bundled up or you throw to a day with sunshine. but to know that there is heat and let's get to the chief meteorologist, topper shutt out on the weather terrace. with the cold, that is just bitter. and they talked to them on the minds and the millions of where your hat is. >> you don't, i have a lot to do. and to do your hat for the precipitation. usually just snow. i do that for your pockets. but you're right.
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you need to bundle up. as cold as it is, you need to get colder. here is your forecast for mostly cloudy, breezy, cold. a few flurries that are possible. 20 to 25. the winds are northwesterly at about 10 to 15. in terms of temperatures, the temperaturewise, it's not crazy cold right now. it's cold enough. i mean, no doubt about that. temperatures, they are 30 downtown, 20s up in frederick. even 25 down at culpepper. let's pack tor in the winds. and this is what you feel when you go outside. it feels like it's 20, 18 at manassas. and 18 here up in frederick. we'll come back, we'll talk about yes, even colder air by the week's end. and maybe a little snow with that cold air, derek? >> thank you, topper. and still ahead, courthouse attacks. the latest on the shooting in las vegas today. but first, the disturbing bus cover re -- discovery in president carter's hometown with the secret service looking into things. we'll have more.
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tomorrow, they plan to meet with the top advisors about the attempted terror attack on christmas day. the mayor of the town, they were out there as president obama was found hanging from the building this week. and they say that they are shocked by the discovery. they were found on saturday morning, right alodge -- right along main street. it's the former hometown, excuse me, the hometown of the former
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president, jimmie carter. and that was hanging in front of the official sign honoring president carter holding another sign with president obama as well. the secret service is investigating. and now to an update on the custody battle between a virginia opl and her former -- woman and her former lesbian partner. filing for an emergency content looking to find lisa miller. last week, miller was ordered to turn in the couple's 7-year-old daughter to jenkins parents in falls church, but she never showed up with the child. celebrating a new record. a look at the new building that is being now called the tallest in the world. and plus, topper is back with that full forecast. so keep it right here.
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state police, they do not know the unidentified man's
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motive. gilbert arenas, they did meet with police and prosecutors today. talking about the guns they were soring in their locker at the verizon center and to keep that away. they saw some changes in the dc law that made that all legal. and today's new reports said that they each drew their guns in the locker rooms on december 19 over a $60,000 gambling debt. >> and in tonight's consumer alert, we want to help you keep some of the money in your pockets this year. >> they recommend to leading any work at home and the scam. do not click on that dancing coupon, the $10 rebate or other transaction marting when you were shopping online that will save you mother and heart ache. and to down load that virus program if you don't already have one to protect you from the
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undue arm. go to our website and click on smart. more airlines on getting the pocket into the new year. they started it off by increasing the cause for most u.s. round trips. and southwest jet blue for them and the air tran. and whether and fireworks today, highlighting the opening world of the tallest building. that will rise about half a mile straight up into the air to cost that much to build. it is more than a thousand feet higher. i don't think that will be out there to measure that or anything else. >> here is a piece of tribute. and that is pretty quick for them. >> we. >> let's talk about today's weather that is really cold. and will let me help you out
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here. >> all right. 34 today, managed to get above freezing just barely. let me tell you what, as cold as if is now, we'll get colder by the week's end. just get ready. your forecast there first. and that is almost 10 degrees above average. breezy again, 35. a few clouds come in on wednesday. but not a big deal. about 36. a little bigger deal with flurries possible for them. and we'll talk more about that. we'll give you some advice for later on in the week. if you have a sink that faces the outdoor wall, then you have problems before. and you get that heat. leave your water trickling if you have the real problem. tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy, and cold. a few flurries. winds eventually had settle down in the northwest and in about
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the 10 to 15 range. 20 at great falls. 23 at tyson and silver springs. and low 20s out there in bowie and upper marlboro. and tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and breezy. by the afternoon, windy and cold. highs only around 35 to increase a little bit, 10 to 20. satellite picture radar combined. and a ton of lake affect snow. but most of it is just hitting our mountains. good news with them picking up speed. and to pick that up out there and also the snow shooters. all on our website, 34 tomorrow at winchester. 34 at fairfax. maybe 36 at woodbridge. partly cloudy skies. breezy in every zone. 35 downtown, 36 for annapolis.
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and a small craft advisory. we have some snow on wednesday night. and some snow on the arctic front, where we could see the covering. 23 for the high on sunday which means the lows will be between here and the 10. >> that is cold. >> yeah. >> putting the string on the hold heat pump. >> yeah. >> man. all right, well now, not so much weird news for you tonight. just a little good news. eddie williams turned 110 years old today. and we're pretty sure that he is the district's oldest resident. the former missionary knows that you can learn a lot from the cultures. and also against worrying too much. that's if you want to live to be our age. >> and if you got the start of tonight's cbs evening news, you might have noticed actor morgan freeman is the new announcer for the program. it was time to stop for them who died last summer.
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and they said having freeman on board to give them the flexibility to record new and different intoes with the news anger and the special reports that is out on location. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to 9news now will be right back. how's she doing? she was the passenger. car was t-boned on the passenger side. this shouldn't be happening. we just had some wine. i wasn't even drunk, i was just buzzed. what? you were just buzzed? well, sir, you didn't tell us that. in that case, she's just fine. yeah, i'm fine. really? no, not really. announcer: buzzed driving. maybe we should stop acting like it's no big deal.
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a good job said aside from the one loss record, which we know was not hot is the class about of the another coach. >> they need healthy players
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and solid backup where they did not have enough of those. that is certainly true. and while some say that they fired the coach because you can't fire all the players, ray says why can't you? and i say fire up every player. getting rid of the kicker because they missed one field goal, granted it wasn't important. but the quarterback was better with their passing game or the runningbacks that could break out or the wide receivers could catch and run. and maybe that missed field goal wouldn't have been so bad. face it, the whole team is a bunch of overpaid, over the hill, and past the premadonas. bring in mostly rookies next year. okay. but craig from king george says even with the new regime, much to learn from the old ones. jim zorn might not have been productive on the football field. but in the end, he did set an example of the class act that they should learn from like how to treat others with dignities and respect. today is the start of the redskins season where our wishes and dreams are giving hope before the actual nfl season
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smashes them. is it too late to say bring back russ? it is never too late. they are currently coaching offensive lineman and working the running game from the arizona cardinals. i think if the boss hogged all of them and they retired as expected, he would be a great get for the coach. we need more of your e-mails. address is that is our report. we'll be right back here tonight at 11. working on the difficulties of living green in our nation's capitol. log onto we'll see you later. bye.
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"entertainment tonight" in high definition. tiger woods, stripped down and pumped up on the cover of the new "vanity fair." plus exclusive new video of what is believed to be tiger's wife out with their children. and where was tiger this weekend? >> i'm standing outside of the trump international hotel where tiger woods was reportedly in the company of a leggy blond. >> brad and angelina on broadway with the kids but why did they leave the show early? plus, new shots of "dancing's" champ helio's new baby girl, and the first photo of charlie sheen after his christmas day arrest.

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